Smoke detector (ZS6101EU-5)

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector ZS6101EU-5 can sense the smoke concentration of a room. It will be triggered when the smoke concentration meet the certain amount. When triggered, the smoke detector will sound the siren and send the message to the Z-WAVE network. When the device is added to the Z-WAVE network, the above information transport / communication will be encrypted and protected.


  • Smoke detection is based on Photoelectron Effect

  • Smoke Sensitivity: 1.31%/feet ~ 2.28%/feet@UL, 0.091dB/m ~ 0.149dB/m@EN

  • Automatic Battery Capacity Detection

  • Status Indicator Light Source : LED

  • Tamper Switch


Communication Protocol Z-Wave
Frequency 868.42MHz
Battery Type 1 x CR123A Battery
Power Supply 3V
Power Consumption < 38uA
Dimension(mm)W x H x D 120 x 120 x 48.2
Operation Temperature -10° ~ 60 °C
Operating Range 30 meter line of sight in open space
Installation On the wall with bracket